3D Video Promotion

Background Info

We were approached by FIYOM VENTURES, who wanted a short 3D intro for their new services under UNELEARN (Creating An Educational Family) product, which will be launched in the USA. The deal they chose was from our SEO CONTENTS package.

The Brief

We would like a short video promotion, we’d like it to start with the main company logo (FIYOM) and then the logos of our sub-services under the UNELEARN FAMILY, LEARN and SPORTS. Finally we’d like the promotion to finish on the UNELEARN logo.

The Workflow

Upon Finalising the brief, we headed to our creative planet to combine everything together. Going through our workflow of gaining KNOWLEDGE about the company, product or service. PLANNING how everything will come together, DESIGNING the initial draft of the project. DEVELOPING the final product using Adobe Illustrator, Element 3D and After Effects. Ensuring that the brief was followed by TESTING the final product against the brief and finally LAUNCHING the video promo.

Final Product

The trickiest part of this project was trying to squeeze and convey 4 messages in 13 seconds. We did manage to pull it off (as usual) and the client loved it!!!.

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