Emem Archibong

The Story

Emem Archibong is a renowned international artist, her life experiences, and her strong faith have contributed to her unique musical style.

With one powerful album under her belt; Emem finalised her second album. To promote the new album she wanted to host a live album launch which would be recorded with a short animation promoting the album. Guess What? We accepted the challenge.

How We Helped

  •  Videography

  •  Animation

  •  Social Media Marketing

The Product

Please see below for where we helped and samples of the finished products.

Video Promotion

The initial task was to create a video promotion to push the launch of her new album. We concluded on 2D motion graphics as it's very popular with other artists launching albums around the world.

The assets were combined using Adobe After Effects, a powerful software for motion design artists. To better highlight the message of the album, her track "Prayer of Salvation" was chosen as the main track for the album.


The whole event was recorded using SONY HDRAX2000 professional broadcast camera, that shoots in Full-HD. The clips were color corrected and color graded in Adobe After Effects.

We recorded the audio through two different channels, one coming from the sound desk where Emem Musics singers and musicians were connected to, while the other audio came directly from the professional microphone attached to the camera. The audio was mastered using Adobe Audiotions. See below for samples of the clips recorded.


The most important thing for Emem Music was making the clips available on YouTube, which can be easily shared on other social media platform.

Rather than having just one long video of the whole evening, she wanted each event to be separated, so we ensured that Youtube Encoding Standards were followed while preparing the final product.