Fearless Praisers

The Story

Fearless Praisers is a dynamic Gospel choir based in the UK. Their mission is to connect students through Gospel music by working closer with Student Unions around the UK. Fearless Praisers can be spotted singing at churches,weddings, youth concerts, charity events etc.

Fearless Praisers wanted a new image, therefore, we were responsible for designing a new logo, the brand design, promotion design and a new website that can be used on laptops, tablets and phones.

We were really excited about taking on this challenge as we love being in-charge of the whole design process for our customers, so as to maintain continuity in Branding.

How We Helped

  •  Web Design

  •  Branding

  •  Graphic Design

  •  Video Promotion - Animation

  •  Social Media Marketing

The Product

Please see below for where we helped and samples of the finished products.

Logo - Before & After

Fearless Praisers already had a logo which they've been using for several years. They came to a conclusion that the logo no longer reflects what they do as a group. They wanted their new logo to create the sense of fearlessness while representing their calm and peaceful side, which is to bring good news through music. Maintaining their royal purple and gold was important while designing the logo. Here's the final result.

Graphic Design

In the digital world we live in, print is just as important when compared to digital media. We were in-charge of the branding and designing promotional flyers.

  • Fearless Praisers Stationery Design
  • Fearless Praisers Poster Design
  • Fearless Praisers Header
  • Fearless Praisers Poster Design