The Story

UNELEAP: Creating an Educational Family is a Universal Learning Platform for connecting students and institutions by using technology to improve our educational system. With their family of products, E-Learn, E-Sports, E-Tickets and E-Fantasy, UNELEAP specialises in bringing talent, personality, creative skills and ideas to create a better college experience.

How We Helped

  •  Branding

  •  Graphic Design

  •  Video Promotion - Animation

The Product

Please see below for where we helped and samples of the finished products.

Video Promotion

The Brief We would like a short video promotion, we’d like it to start with the main company logo (FIYOM) and then the logos of our sub-services under the UNELEARN FAMILY, LEARN and SPORTS. Finally we’d like the promotion to finish on the UNELEARN logo.

The Workflow Upon Finalising the brief, we headed to our creative planet to combine everything together. The final product was completed using Adobe Illustrator, Element 3D and After Effects.

Final Product The trickiest part of this project was trying to squeeze and convey 4 messages in 14 seconds. We did manage to pull it off (as usual) and the client loved it!!!.

Graphic Design

Logo consistency was very important to Uneleap, as they have at least 5 different sub-service that needed individual logo. The final work was completed using Adobe Illustrator and Extruded using Autodesk Maya.

  • Fearless Praisers Stationery Design
  • Fearless Praisers Poster Design
  • Fearless Praisers Header
  • Fearless Praisers Poster Design

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